CBI Video: Peace Hotel Anniversary Film Pays Homage to Silent Era 

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To mark the hotel’s 90th anniversary, Canada’s Fairmont Hotel & Resorts collaborated with First Short Film Project to produce “Romance in Silence," a six-minute short film set on the historic property starring young actors Zhuyan Manzi and Li Hong-chi.  Read More

Mafengwo Tries to Lure Younger Travelers with Idol Group

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The Chinese online travel agency and user-generated review site Mafengwo has joined the ranks of Chinese companies betting that young celebrity “influencers” will help it grab the attention of younger generations of online consumers. Read More

3 Books to Read Before Your First China Trip

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What's THE book to read to better understand China or to get a better handle on China? Here are our recommendations. Read More

Italy Tunes in to Asian Cinema

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The Far East Film Festival attracts a loyal – and ever-growing – band of Asian film fanatics. Read More

Chinese Actor Brings Tom Hanks’ ‘The Terminal’ to Live in Helsinki Airport

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Targeted at attracting global Chinese travelers, Chinese actor Ryan Zhu joins Helsinki Airport's new marketing campaign, “Life in Hel.” Read More