Film Review: The Wild Goose Lake

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In The Wild Goose Lake, director Diao Yinan maintains the tense nocturnal atmospherics of his crime thriller Black Coal Thin Ice. He may swap out a biting North Chinese winter for the lush environs of a rain-soaked town in Wuhan’s hinterlands, but all the hallmarks of a neo-noir remain. The Wild Goose Lake” opens in New York on Friday, March 6 at Film Forum. Read More

Headlines from China: Arthouse Film ‘The Wild Goose Lake’ Partners with Livestreamer Li Jiaqi to Sell Tickets

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The online event is co-presented by Taobao Live-streaming and digital film publicity platform Dengta, both are owned by Alibaba Group. Within 6 seconds, 255,000 ticket vouchers were sold out. Read More

Toronto Festival Shows New Generation of Chinese Directors Is Coming of Age

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The 12 Chinese movies at September’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) succeeded in making an impact despite lacking the marketing fanfare of their Hollywood counterparts. Among the dozen films, three particularly stood out thanks to their gripping storylines, brilliant acting, and superb cinematography. Read More