Chinese Dating Shows Offer Viewers More Than Just Romance

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The popular genre has become a means for young audiences to take notes on relationships and life advice. Read More

‘Respect Money’: How a Chinese Talent Show Put Its Fans Up for Sale

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Success on “Youth With You 3” had less to do with talent and more to do with who could buy the most votes. So why don’t fans care? Read More

China Targets ‘Chaotic’ Online Fan Groups to Tame Teen Culture

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Authorities say hate and abuse on social media may be negatively impacting young people. Read More

Chinese Idol Show Shut Down Over Spilled Milk

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A viral video stoked fears that fans of “Youth With You 3” were wasting food after buying bottles of flavored yogurt drink just to get extra votes for their favorite contestants. Read More

China Forbids TV Shows From ‘Sensationalizing’ Child Stars

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The treatment of minors on reality TV programs has long faced scrutiny from authorities, media, and netizens. Read More

What Reality Show 101 Tells Us About Contemporary Femininity in China

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In contemporary China, sassy idols like singer Wang Ju – also referred to as “the Chinese Beyonce” – are garnering attention for embodying the rise of female empowerment. Read More

China Tightens Rules for Foreign-Flavored Shows

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In Chinese television, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. Read More

Reality TV Show Sends Chinese Stars Back to Acting School

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“The Birth of Actors” debuted on Zhejiang Satellite TV in October and has already received 330 million online views for just its first two episodes. The show has reignited debate on social media about the dubious acting skills of some millennial stars. Read More