Headlines from China: What to Expect for Chinese Film Industry in Q2 2020?

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With the pandemic crisis almost comes to an end in China, film companies still have a lot of hopes for the second quarter. Read More

Covid-19 Costs Leading Movie Ticket Agent $28 Million in Refunds

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Leading online movie ticketing agent Maoyan Entertainmen thad to refund a hefty 200 million yuan ($28 million) in the final days of January as most of the nation’s cinemas shut down in a matter of days at the height of the coronavirus outbreak, the company said. Read More

More than 500 Cinemas Reopen in China as New Virus Cases Near Zero

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As of March 21, a total of 507 cinemas across China had reopened to moviegoers, representing 4.5% of the total cinemas operating in the country. Read More

Recap: 2020 Berlinale Sino-European Production Seminar

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Here is a recap of key topics that were discussed during the 6th Sino-European Production Seminar held on Wednesday, 26th February, jointly organized by the producers association Bridging the Dragon and the European Film Market. Read More

China’s Entertainment Sector Suffers Amid Coronavirus Epidemic

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Delayed release dates and stalled projects are likely to hurt the country’s TV and film industry like never before, insiders say. Read More

Fan Bing Bing’s International Business Lesson, Part 2

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Like pretty much everyone on this planet I’m a Fan Bing Bing fan. That partially explains why this is my second post on her. But really, more than anything, I view her situation as salubrious for those who conduct business internationally. Read More

Entertainment Slowdown Hits Filmmakers’ Bottom Lines

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Three major filmed entertainment firms forecast big profit declines in the first quarter, with two saying they fell into the red, as the industry suffers under the weight of a broader slowdown after years of breakneck growth. Read More

Headlines from China: Chinese Film Industry’s “New Big Four”

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Here is how the landscape of the Chinese film industry has changed over the past three years. Read More

Film Association Criticizes Government Tax Clawback Plan

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China’s film director association has criticized a possible government move to ask entertainment companies to pay previously waived taxes. Read More

What It’s Really Like to Work in China’s Film Industry

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As large as it is, China can be a tough beast to understand. What is it like to actually work and make films in China’s entertainment industry? Hollywood veterans share their experiences and things to keep in mind when doing business in the Middle Kingdom. Read More