Bruce Lee’s Daughter Sues Fast-Food Chain Over Copyright

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Shannon Lee is demanding $30 million from the Chinese company for its logo, which bears similarities to the martial arts legend. Read More

Headlines from China: David Leitch in Talks to Remake Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter The Dragon’

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"Enter The Dragon" was released right after Bruce Lee's death and is widely considered as one of the greatest martial-arts movies of all time. Read More

New Talent: The Afghan Bruce Lee (Video)

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That strange truth-fiction thing strikes again: if you were to ask a screenwriter to contrive a Dickensian figure for the post-9/11 action-movie generation, they would not be able to top Abbas Alizada. Alizada, the youngest of ten children raised in the hardscrabble, war-torn streets of Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, discovered the classic kung fu movies of Bruce Lee as a teenager, and dedicated himself to becoming a martial arts champion in Lee's image. Read More

New Bruce Lee Biopic Accused of ‘Whitewashing’

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A new biopic of legendary martial arts star Bruce Lee has come under fire from Lee's daughter and fans. Read More