Headlines from China: David Leitch in Talks to Remake Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter The Dragon’

David Leitch in Talks to Remake Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter The Dragon’

It’s reported that American director David Leitch, who directed Deadpool 2, is in talks to direct a remake of Bruce Lee’s 1973 classic martial-arts movie Enter The Dragon. Currently, the project is still in the early development stage. The original Enter The Dragon was released right after Bruce Lee’s death and is widely considered as one of the greatest martial-arts movies of all time. While many Bruce Lee fans agree that David Leitch is a good choice for the film, they prefer that the 1973 classic not to be remade at all. Read more on Mtime

Lessons Learned from Asura’s Epic Fail

Although the release of China’s most expensive film Asura didn’t garner significant attention, the cancelation of its theatrical release did. This article summarizes the reasons why Asura and many other local fantasy films failed. Without a strong story, most local fantasy films overly rely on popular stars and special effects to attract audiences. Due to lack of skilled visual effects artists, foreign talents are often hired, yet poor communication between Chinese and foreign crew members can lead to loss of “Chineseness”  in a film. Read more on dusheme

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Film & TV Remakes in The China Market

As the remake of hit Taiwanese TV series Meteor Garden premiered recently, film & TV remake became a hot top again. Although most of the local remakes didn’t receive commercial success, producers in China seem to still have the enthusiasm for remaking more classics. This is likely due to lack of screenwriters who are able to write original screenplays of good quality. According to a scholar from the Communication University of China, most of the local remakes are either too similar to or too different from the originals that they fail to maintain the essence of the originals while bringing something fresh. Read more on yuemuchina