Nike Woos Chinese Customers With Spring Festival Ad

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Many viewers in the country have applauded the American sportswear brand for showcasing the festival’s human side. Read More

CBI Video: Nike Explores Urban Cultures to Connect With Young Consumers 

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In April, Nike released a series of humorous short videos directed by Zhang Dapeng with the title “Believe a Beijinger” that poke fun at the stereotype of the city’s residents as being “all talk, no action.” Read More

CBI Video: Gucci and Tencent’s Stylish Travel Video Collaboration

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Launched in October, the “Gucci Inspiration Map” series of four short films is the first project borne from the Gucci-Tencent partnership, and it also represents Tencent’s inaugural foray into producing branded content for a luxury label. Read More

CBI Video: Huawei’s Mate30 Phone Is the Behind-the-Scenes Star of Its Latest Movie

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Close-ups of grains of sand blowing in the desert wind are one of the many ways Huawei shows off the capabilities of its Mate30 mobile phone in “Badain Jaran," a story of misadventure in the Mongolian wilderness shot entirely with the device’s camera. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Cosmetics-Animation Collaboration, October Brand Presence on TV

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Chinese beauty brand Meiking had another Singles’ Day success this year through a collaboration with the animated fantasy series “Mo Dao Zu Shi." Read More

CBI Video: Fashion Brand JNBY Looks at the Life Stories of Contemporary Women

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The documentary-style series “Chat: The Future" features actress Hachi (Wang Yueyi), model/university student Cici (Xiang Yeging) and vlogger Zhuzi (Shao Jingzhu) as they go about their daily lives, discussing their interests and aspirations. Read More

CBI Video: Nostalgic Music Brings Harmony to Generational Conflict for Lexus

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With its latest film promoting its RX line of luxury SUVs, Lexus is the latest brand to turn to Chinese musical nostalgia to appeal to consumers.  Read More

CBI Video: Peace Hotel Anniversary Film Pays Homage to Silent Era 

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To mark the hotel’s 90th anniversary, Canada’s Fairmont Hotel & Resorts collaborated with First Short Film Project to produce “Romance in Silence," a six-minute short film set on the historic property starring young actors Zhuyan Manzi and Li Hong-chi.  Read More

CBI Video: Philips Reveals the Emotional Turmoil of Chinese Men

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To mark the 80th anniversary of its electric shaver, Dutch conglomerate Philips created an emotional 20-minute film, “Chinese Men’s Truth or Dare," directed by Zhang Dapeng. Read More

CBI Video: China UnionPay’s Not-So-Subtle Celebratory Video Pays Off

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China UnionPay’s short video, “Chinese People Are Great," was one of the most discussed campaigns of this year’s National Day holiday. Read More