Pepsi’s Peachy Tune With Li Xian Takes Off On Weibo

On 12 April, Pepsi jumped onto China’s recent Peach Oolong flavor train and launched its own ‘White Peach Oolong Flavor Cola’ exclusively for the Chinese market. What makes it such a popular flavor, and how did Pepsi stand out in the sea of oolong offerings?

The sweetness of the peach is diluted by the hints of oolong, creating a delicate fruity taste that has been a hit among Chinese consumers. With an eye-catching video that featured two popular celebrities and a carefully curated Weibo campaign, Pepsi appealed to classical Chinese cultural themes. The brand won over the hearts of its Chinese audience who are increasingly asserting their nationality through their wallets, a trend known as guochao.

The campaign shone the light on the classic Chinese song “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River” (春江花月夜). Chinese listeners would immediately recognize the gentle melodies of the Chinese flute, the sheng (a reed pipe wind instrument), and pipa (a four-stringed instrument similar to a lute).

But Pepsi didn’t leave it at that – the brand wanted to give the well-known song a makeover to appeal to younger consumers while simultaneously evoking traditional Chinese culture. Cue the electric version of the classical guqin, a plucked seven-string instrument and the drums. Pepsi also released several short behind-the-scenes videos to explain the campaign’s production and the process of giving the familiar song a new life.

Playing the array of instruments were two of China’s top celebrities, actor Li Xian and singer G.E.M. (Deng Ziqi). Their performance was surrounded by floral spring scenery and an enchanting backdrop that mirrored the branding of Pepsi’s new product. Choosing Li and Deng as the campaign’s ambassadors successfully appealed to Pepsi’s target audience – young Chinese.

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