Headlines from China: ‘Deadpool 2’ Hasn’t Passed The Chinese Censorship

‘Deadpool 2’ Made Strong Debut in the U.S. But Hasn’t Scored China Release

American superhero film Deadpool 2 opened in the United States last Friday and had a successful opening weekend box office, raking in 125 million domestically. In South Korea, the film has been viewed over 1 million times in theater within four days. In Hong Kong, it also set new box office records as an R-rated film. However, it’s still unclear if the film will be released in Chinese theaters. According to sources familiar with the matter, 20th Century Fox, which has successfully released several R-rated films, including Logan, Alien: Covenant, and The Shape of Water, in China, hasn’t managed to make the film pass the Chinese censorship. Read more on yiqipaidianying

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Science Fiction Writer Liu Cixin is Not a Fan of Marvel Movies

Although Avengers: Infinite War has been dominating the global box office, not everyone is a fan of the movie. At a recent event, celebrated Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin, who is best known for writing The Three-body Problem, was asked to comment on Marvel movies. Liu frankly expressed that he is not a fan. He went on to say that he doesn’t hate Marvel movies, but really doesn’t like them, either. He then added that Marvel movies have very good production values, but they all look like products from the same production line. There has been great interest in adapting Liu’s science fiction novels into movies. The Wandering Earth, an upcoming sci-fi movie based on a short novel by Liu, is set to release this summer. It’s also rumored that Amazon will produce a series based on The Three-body Problem. Read more on Mtime

NetEase to Expand in Shanghai?

According to NetEase‘s recent job postings, the company is seeking talents in game PR, media relations, and international partnerships to work at its Shanghai offices. According to an industry expert from the gaming sector, NetEase rarely hired people in Shanghai in the past. This new move likely indicates that the company is making big plans to expand in Shanghai. According to another source, NetEase is considering establishing its third headquarter in Shanghai’s Xuhui District, although this news hasn’t been officially confirmed. Industry insiders also speculate that NetEase is likely planning its international expansion as well. Read more on D-entertainment