Will the Real Wu Jing Please Stand Up?

 /  News  / 
Better known for his hyper-masculine public image, China’s macho man wasn’t always all bravado. Read More

China’s Elderly Have a New Obsession: Video Games

 /  News  / 
During the pandemic, seniors have emerged as China’s fastest-growing demographic of new gamers — and gaming influencers. Read More

ByteDance Employee Jailed for Charging Users to Boost Their Posts

 /  News  / 
The content promoter on the Chinese version of TikTok had amassed over $91,000 over two years. Read More

How Video Games Fueled the Rise of Chinese Fantasy

 /  News  / 
Thirty years ago, the martial arts epic was the country’s most popular genre. Read More

Is There a Future for the ‘Chinese School of Animation’?

 /  News  / 
Chinese animation is often hailed for its integration of traditional aesthetic and themes, but is the aesthetic all it has to offer? Read More

Players Decry Sexist Portrayal of Women in ‘Harry Potter’ Game

 /  News  / 
Developers at NetEase Games attributed the sexually suggestive expressions to “3D modeling bugs.” Read More

Will the Next ‘Squid Game’ Be Made in China?

 /  News  / 
Korean dramas stole the headlines in 2021. But China is also quietly emerging as a global TV powerhouse — and the U.S. streaming giants are starting to take notice. Read More

In Wuzhen, a Theater Festival Without Any Drama

 /  News  / 
This year’s Wuzhen Theater Festival tried to pretend the events of the past two years never happened. The results were as comforting as they were irrelevant. Read More

How Localized ‘Reskins’ Shaped China’s Early Gamers

 /  Uncategorized  / 
Known in Chinese as ‘huanpi,’ early localization efforts were half-hearted, often patronizing, and still better than nothing. Read More

Chinese Pianist Li Yundi Detained Over Prostitution Allegations

 /  News  / 
Police said they were tipped off by a neighborhood vigilante group known as the “Chaoyang Masses.” Read More


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