In Taobao Villages, Merchants Say They’re Struggling with Livestreaming

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As live-streaming disrupts China’s e-commerce landscape, gaps between urban and rural sellers may be getting wider. Read More

Chinese TV Gets a Dose of Feminist Realism

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“Delicious Romance” carries on the tradition of female ensemble-led dramas like “Ode to Joy,” but with a twist. Read More

Viewers Complain Over Hit Chinese Thriller’s ‘Positive’ Ending

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Many accuse the series of pandering to official guidelines encouraging producers and writers to promote core socialist values. Read More

Chinese Label Debuts Its First Virtual Musician Amid Metaverse Hype

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Modern Sky will also launch a virtual version of its famous Strawberry Music Festival featuring virtual artists this year. Read More

Think Tank Warns Virtual Idol Investors of Metaverse-Related Risks

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Experts worry absence of regulatory policies and rush to invest in a hyped-up concept could result in frenzy. Read More

China’s New Algorithm Rules Take Aim at Big Tech Companies

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Authorities say the first of its kind directive aims to create a healthy internet environment. Read More

Chinese Archaeology: Past, Present, and Future

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Sixth Tone invited three archaeologists to share their perspectives on the field’s development and future prospects. Read More

Minors Tricked Into Scams Promising Gaming Curfew Workarounds

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Underage players are only allowed three hours of playtime per week under new rules. Read More

All China’s Gamers Want for Christmas Is an AAA Game To Call Their Own

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Can the country’s studios transfer their mobile gaming success to the time-consuming, costly world of AAA game development? Read More

A Celebrity Dispute Turns Into Advocacy for Female Empowerment

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Ex-wife of pop idol Wang Leehom shared her experiences from their marriage before separating, warning about the harms of “unequal relationships.” Read More


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