The Missing Magic Ingredient Holding Back China’s Gaming Industry

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Chinese gaming firms are rolling out big new titles based on hit properties like “Harry Potter.” But even the hits are held back by their focus on competitive multiplayer over story. Read More

How Weibo Became a Diplomatic Battlefield

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Diplomats and lobbying groups from around the world are increasingly active — and combative — on the platform. Read More

Tales of “Tiger Women” from Ancient China

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Ancient Chinese labeled tough, fierce women “tigresses” — they often had to deal with sexism and unruly husbands. Read More

How China’s Youtube Became a Rare Safe Space for LGBT Streamers

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On Bilibili, LGBT vloggers narrate their lives to millions of fans — but the stories they tell differ radically from their Western counterparts. Read More

Features On TV Dating Shows, China’s Elderly Finally Show Their Sexy Side

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Dating TV shows featuring straight-talking seniors are attracting big audiences in China — and helping to break long-held taboos over sex after menopause. Read More

What Eileen Gu Means to China

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The 18-year-old skier has dominated this year’s Olympics like no one else. Read More

In Taobao Villages, Merchants Say They’re Struggling with Livestreaming

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As live-streaming disrupts China’s e-commerce landscape, gaps between urban and rural sellers may be getting wider. Read More

Chinese TV Gets a Dose of Feminist Realism

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“Delicious Romance” carries on the tradition of female ensemble-led dramas like “Ode to Joy,” but with a twist. Read More

Viewers Complain Over Hit Chinese Thriller’s ‘Positive’ Ending

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Many accuse the series of pandering to official guidelines encouraging producers and writers to promote core socialist values. Read More

Chinese Label Debuts Its First Virtual Musician Amid Metaverse Hype

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Modern Sky will also launch a virtual version of its famous Strawberry Music Festival featuring virtual artists this year. Read More


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