China Restricts Livestreaming Spending and Blocks Underage Users from Tipping Performers

 /  Livestreaming  / 
Chinese livestreaming companies will be forced to cap the amount of money viewers can spend on their favourite performers as part of new rules unveiled by the national media regulator this week, potentially eating into a lucrative source of revenue for the firms. Read More

Medical Drama Salutes Pandemic Heroes but Stirs Sexism Debate

 /  TV  / 
So far only two episodes have been broadcast but the show has drawn criticism due to “factual inaccuracies”, not least in regards to the gender balance of the “heroes”. Read More

War Film or Farce? Blockbuster Triggers Debate Over Historical Accuracy

 /  Film  / 
Although the film has received a strong score of 7.8 out of 10 on the Chinese review site Douban, it remains highly controversial among viewers. Read More


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