What’s the Cost of WeChat Deleting University LGBTQ Accounts?

 /  News  / 
WeChat has deleted dozens of LGBT accounts run by Chinese university students. How will this move hurt China’s LGBT community — and WeChat itself? Read More

These Global Brands Are Conquering The Virtual World

 /  Film  / 
In today’s post-pandemic reality, the virtual realm offers limitless and safe ways for luxury houses to connect with consumers in China and beyond. Read More

These Brands Are Using Digital Strategies to Win China’s Local Markets

 /  Business  / 
These global brands have built outstanding localization strategies in China by rethinking their marketing offers and tailoring content to their regional consumers. Read More

Luxury Brands Use Video Games to Speak to China’s Millennials

 /  Entertainment Marketing  / 
Luxury heritage brands from around the world are embracing gaming platforms to attract more digital-savvy Chinese millennial and Gen-Z consumers. Read More


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