Actor and Singer Leon Lai Directing Debut Feature ‘Wine War’

Leon Lai tries his hand at directing after success in singing and acting.

Beijing-born Canto-cutie Leon Lai is no stranger to Chinese movies, but he’s taking his first turn behind the camera, directing Wine War, which opens Friday at local cinemas.

Known to film fans for his leading role in Comrades: Almost a Love Story, Lai started his career as a pop singer and is regarded as one of the 1990s “Heavenly Kings,” along with fellow crooners Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, and Andy Lau.

Wine War, which centers on a conflict over a 19th-century bottle of red wine, stars Zhang Hanyu, David Wang, and former supermodel Du Juan. Lai also stars in the film.

The new movie faces heavy competition during its weekend release from a total of eight other new films, including the Jake Gyllenhaal/Ryan Reynolds starrer Life.