‘Captain America’s Russo Brothers Produce First Chinese Film

The directors of Captain America bring their first Chinese-language project to the screen with Journey To The Dream.

Joe and Anthony Russo (Courtesy Facebook)

The first Chinese-language film produced by the creative duo behind Marvel’s blockbuster Captain America franchise launched in Beijing on Thursday.

Journey To The Dream (奇幻之旅) is the first film from Joe and Anthony Russo’s new venture Anthem Pictures, which is dedicated to creating Chinese-language films for release in China.

Described as a “dream-like fable” the film stars Wang Dalu (王大陆) as the male lead, Song Jia (宋佳) in the female lead, as well as Cao Bingkun (曹炳琨), Ma Jingwu (马精武) and Elaine Jin (金燕玲).

First-time director Zhang Chong (张翀) has previously worked as a producer on Phoenix Television and has co-written screenplays for 2010’s Driverless (无人驾驶) and 2012’s Full Circle (飞越老人院). Zhang described Journey To The Dream as having sci-fi, romance and comedic elements.

The Russo brothers were unable to attend the opening ceremony in Beijing’s capital as they are currently shooting the next Avengers film in Atlanta, but sent a video message. Todd Makurath, who heads up Anthem Pictures was in attendance.

“We are honored to serve as executive producers on this movie, we could not be more excited about it. We couldn’t be more proud of the screenplay,” Joe Russo said in the video.

Anthony Russo said that director Zhang Chong had “written one of the best screenplays we’ve read in a long time and he has an amazing vision for the film that we’re very excited to support and help bring to audiences and bring to the screen.”

Joining the brother’s Anthem Pictures International as producers are Black Ant Shanghai Entertainment 黑蚂蚁(上海)影业有限公司, Hehe(Shanghai)Pictures 和和(上海)影业有限公司, Alibaba Pictures Group 阿里巴巴影业集团有限公司 and Maxtimes Culture (TianJin) Films 麦特影视文化传媒(天津)有限公司.

The film’s Chinese executive producer Liu Bo’s past credits include Chongqing Hotpot (火锅英雄), Cock and Bull (追凶者也) and What’s in the Darkness (黑处有什么). He has also worked on this year’s smash-hit The Mermaid (美人鱼) and the Renny Harlin-directed Jackie Chan starrer Skiptrace (绝地逃亡).

In May, the brother directors announced they were joining with a Chinese production company to create a new Chinese superhero movie that local media dubbed “Captain China.”

‘Captain America’s Hollywood Directors to Co-produce a ‘Captain China’

In September, Chinese film producer and distributor Huayi Brothers Media Corp. announced it would invest US$250 million in a venture with the brother directors to produce and invest in English-language films. Huayi will own 60 percent of the venture, while the Russos will hold the rest.

Captain America: Civil War (美国队长3), the latest installment in the Marvel franchise that the brothers directed, received a release in China simultaneous with its U.S. opening on May 6 this year, helping it to rake in $1.15 billion worldwide.