Rivals Tencent Video, Douyin Reach Content-Sharing Agreement After Copyright Spat

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After various copyright battles, two of China’s biggest tech giants find common ground.  Read More

Tencent Halts E-Reader Service Following Kindle’s China Retreat

 /  News  / 
Chinese are reading online more, but not necessarily from e-readers. Read More

Jordan Brand Jumps Into China’s Metaverse With Tencent

 /  News  / 
Jordan Brand has teamed up with Super QQ Show to launch exclusive digital fashion pieces in celebration of its 25th anniversary in the Chinese market. Read More

Is Tencent’s Global Takeover Inevitable?

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Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. has been ranked No. 5 on the world's largest tech companies list, jumping an impressive 21 places. Read More

China’s Internet Crackdown Targets Tencent and ByteDance’s Algorithms

 /  News  / 
China’s top cyberspace regulator pioneered a regulation to investigate and rectify algorithm security issues of tech giants.  Read More

Can the ‘Lipstick King’ Help Tencent Huiju Luxury Reach an Audience?

 /  News  / 
Tencent Huiju Luxury, the luxury section of the centralized e-commerce marketplace Tencent Huiju, joined hands with top livestreamer Austin Li. But will it help the fledgling e-commerce platform? Read More

Tencent to Trim Workforce for Online Content and Cloud Business

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Tencent Holdings is planning job cuts affecting two of its six major business divisions, though the size of the workforce reduction will be smaller than expected, multiple sources from the company told Caixin. Read More

Headlines From China: Tencent Jumps on Report of Chinese Billionaire’s Big Buy Order

 /  Headlines From China  / 
China's leading tech companies have been making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Read More

Tencent Unveils Three Computer Chips of Its Own Design

 /  News  / 
Tencent Unveils Three Computer Chips of Its Own Design. Read More

Tencent And Dunhuang Research Institute Commemorate Cultural Heritage With NFTs

 /  News  / 
Released for China's 9/9 Charity Day, the NFTs are the first non-profit collectibles offered by the long-time collaborators. Read More


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