Will the Next ‘Squid Game’ Be Made in China?

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Korean dramas stole the headlines in 2021. But China is also quietly emerging as a global TV powerhouse — and the U.S. streaming giants are starting to take notice. Read More

Valentino announces Yang Zi as new brand ambassador, championing diverse style

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Chinese actress Yang Zi becomes the newest Valentino brand ambassador.  Read More

Top 10 Chinese Actresses to Watch in 2023

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EnStar is a valuable resource in the entertainment industry, providing insights into an artist's commercial value score based on factors such as popularity, attention, prediction, and marketing power. Read More

The Top 10 Chinese Actresses That You Should Know

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The Top 10 Chinese Actresses That You Should Know. Read More

The Top 10 Male Chinese Actors That You Should Know

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In January 2021, "Star Power List," a popular social media account under Shanghai Zixiao Cultural Media Center, announced its list of the top 10 male actors in 2020. Read More

R3 Nov: Would Actress Yang Zi’s Onscreen Popularity Translates to Commercial Success?

 /  Entertainment Marketing  / 
Yang has differentiated herself from other popular actresses like Yang Mi, Angelababy, whose commercial success in fashion overshadowed their acting career. Read More

R3 September Ranking: Estée Lauder Taps Hot Celebs, Makes Singles Day Record

 /  Entertainment Marketing  / 
If we take a look at the celebrity rankings since July, a few regulars have dominated the top of the list, namely actors Xiao Zhan, Li Xian, and Wang Yibo, all of whom starred in hit summer TV shows. Read More

CBI Case Study: Male Celebrities Give Beauty Marketing a Makeover

 /  CBI  / 
Young male stars are playing an increasingly important role in the marketing of beauty products in China. So far this year, 24 brands have signed 26 male celebrities to promote their goods, with the majority born after the mid-1990s. Read More

R3’s July List Reveals the New Brand Ambassadors to Look Out For

 /  Entertainment Marketing  / 
Ever since Versace’s t-shirt gaffe this week, the list of Chinese ambassador defections seems to grow daily. R3’s June list sheds some light on newcomers. Read More

EFM Panel Explores What to Expect in Post-pandemic Euro-Asian Co-operation

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EFM Panel Explores What to Expect in Post-pandemic Euro-Asian Co-operation. Read More


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