Headlines From China: Chinese Fans Call For An Earlier Theatrical Release of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ in China

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The film will debut in international markets on December 16, but it has yet to be confirmed if this includes the Chinese mainland, according to reports. Read More

Video Streamer Bilibili Posts Strong User Growth as Losses Widen

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Nasdaq-listed Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili reported solid user growth in the third quarter, but its losses nearly tripled as it spent heavily on marketing. Read More

Headlines From China: 5 Trends From McKinsey & Co.’s 2021 China Consumer Report

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McKinsey & Company released its “China consumer report 2021. Understanding Chinese Consumers: Growth Engine of the World,” which explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed Chinese consumption. Read More

CCI Take: TikTok Is a Content-Commerce Conduit for Global Gen Z

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Amid the whiplash-inducing news surrounding TikTok’s future in the United States, which has left even the company itself struggling to understand its future status, the Bytedance-owned app continues to move forward with monetization efforts in international markets (with the obvious exception of India) as it gains popularity among the increasingly lucrative Gen Z demographic.  Read More

Headlines From China: Gen Z Favorite Bilibili Moves Further Into Content Commerce

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Highlighting the brand opportunities on Bilibili, the platform recently published its inaugural “China-Z 100” list, a selection of the top 100 domestic products targeted at consumers under the age of 30. Read More

Chinese War Drama Taken Offline Over Fancy Home, Fancy Hairstyles

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“Warrior of Thunder” was pulled from networks following criticism by People’s Daily. Producers defended their show in a now-deleted social media post. Read More

How China’s E-Commerce Giants Enable Illegal Online Gambling

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Gamblers have funneled over $100 billion through Chinese tech platforms during the pandemic. Now, the police are cracking down. Read More

Headlines From China: A Lineup of Upcoming Films Expected to Rescue the Sluggish Market

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Despite the challenging, the domestic movie market is gearing up for a few big productions’ new releases this weekend. Will these films successfully warm up the market? Read More

Headlines From China: International Luxury Wins Big at Singles’ Day

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The 8th edition of Festival of German Cinema in China kicks off in Beijing last weekend. Four outstanding works, "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit," "Lost in Face," and two films that have been shown at the Berlin Film Festival, "Walchensee Forever" and "Art Comes from the Beak the Way it has Grown," will be on screen at the Goethe Institute (China), French Cultural Center in Beijing and Lin Xiang Cultural Center. Read More

PUBG Mobile Plans Return to India With New Game

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On Thursday, PUBG Corp. announced plans to release PUBG Mobile India, which will be “customized for Indian gamers such as the game now being set in a virtual simulation training ground, new characters automatically starting clothed and green hit effects to reflect the virtual nature of the game.” Read More


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