CBI Case Study: Milk Makes a Strong Nation

 /  CBI  / 
For the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Yili and Mengniu developed creative campaigns to align themselves with China’s rise, positioning their brands as key figures in the broader cultural celebration. Read More

CBI Video: China UnionPay’s Not-So-Subtle Celebratory Video Pays Off

 /  CBI  / 
China UnionPay’s short video, “Chinese People Are Great," was one of the most discussed campaigns of this year’s National Day holiday. Read More

CBI News Wrap: National Day Campaigns, Reaching Gen Z and Beyond

 /  CBI  / 
It’s been a slow news week in China, with the country on vacation for the week-long National Day holiday and the 70th anniversary of the PRC’s founding, but marketing efforts have been in full swing. Read More

Headlines from China: Pingyao International Film Festival Changes Opening Film

 /  Headlines From China  / 
On October 7, Pingyao International Film Festival (PYIFF) released a statement to announce the change the festival's opening film from "Liberation" to "Old Neighborhood." Read More

Why Are Nationalistic Themes Translating Into Box Office Success in China?

 /  Opinion  / 
Three films released for the PRC's 70th anniversary come with social and political imperatives sometimes at odds with the characteristics of successful commercial film. Read More

Headlines from China: China Film Co., Ltd. Reshuffles Senior Management

 /  Headlines From China  / 
Jiao Hongfen will be the second person after Han Sanping to act as the chief of both China Film Group and China Film Co. Read More

The Chinese Social Media Stars Unknowingly Going Viral in the West

 /  Streaming  / 
A growing number of Chinese viral short videos are reuploaded on Western social media accounts, bringing them global attention. And in most cases, the original creators are not even aware of it. Read More

A Closer Look at China’s Video Game Livestreaming Duopoly

 /  Game  / 
This week, the author of "The Rise of Video Game Livestreaming in China" returns for a closer look at the video game livestreaming sector, evaluates the current leaders—and asks if both will experience more competitive pressure if another tech titan enters the sector. Read More

Headlines from China: Short Film Made for Beijing Winter Olympics Stars China’s Beloved Cartoon Characters 

 /  Headlines From China  / 
Shanghai Animation Film Studio today unveiled a short animated film to show support for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as well as winter sports in general. The film features a group of classic cartoon characters created by the studio. In the amusing short film, some of China's most beloved cartoon characters play a variety of winter sports. Read More

October Screenings of Chinese-Language Films in NYC and Los Angeles

 /  Guide  / 
Highlights of October: three Chinese "main-melody" films showing in the U.S. theatres, New York Film Festival, and more. Read More


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