Headlines from China: Japan’s Obsession with China’s Three Kingdoms Period

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Recently, a news caught many people's attention that Gintama Director Yûichi Fukuda will write and direct a film about China's three Kingdoms period. This is not the first time Japan shows great interest in China's three Kingdoms period. Read More

Shanghai Wants to be the World’s ‘e-sports Capital’

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The city will encourage businesses to invest in three to four e-sports stadiums capable of hosting tournaments of the highest level. Read More

Headlines from China: ‘The Lion King’ to Open in China One Week Before U.S.? 

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According to online sources, Disney's upcoming musical drama film The Lion King has scored a July 12 China release, which is one week before its North American release. Read More

Cannes Winner Qiu Yang on the Outsize Impact of Small-Town Stories

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"I'm hoping to tell stories that will echo with everyday Chinese lives, so a small town with nothing special is the perfect place to tell them" Read More

Headlines from China: A Short History of Entertainment Analytics Firms in China

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Over the past ten years, Chinese entertainment analytics firms have seen rapid growth along with the rapid development of the country's film industry. Read More

User spending in Douyin and TikTok hit new high in May

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The 120 million Indian TikTok users, however, only spent $45,000 on the app in May. Read More

Prada Bends to Idol Culture While Expanding in China

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In China, celebrity endorsement can make or break a brand, and now Prada is finally stepping into the country’s influencer market. Read More

Headlines from China: Alibaba’s Streaming Platform Youku to Further Invest in Internet Movies

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After several years of rapid growth, web movies are seeing a new turning point in 2019. On June 12,  Shanghai International Film Festival Internet Summit officially hosted a forum on the new content strategies, models and marketing of web movies. Read More

Future Still Looks Bright for Film & TV Co-productions Between China and Europe

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The trade tension between the U.S. and China has made Hollywood quite nervous lately. This doesn't seem to have affected the ties between the Chinese film industry and Europe.  Read More

Headlines from China: CCTV and Penguin Pictures to Co-produce BBC Studios’ ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’

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BBC Studios announced that it had reached a partnership agreement with China Central Television (CCTV) and Tencent's Penguin Pictures to co-produce an upcoming documentary series titled Seven Worlds, One Planet. Read More


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