CBI Case Study: Oppein Creates a Brand Film Tradition for the Mid-Autumn Festival 

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For the past three years, the Chinese home interior brand Oppein has put a playful spin on the Mid-Autumn Festival with its series of short holiday films, “A Werewolf’s Mid-Autumn Troubles.” Read More

CBI Video: Time-Honored Brand Merges Tradition With Modern Humor in Mooncake Film 

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The Chinese restaurant and packaged-food brand Wu Fang Zhai released an animated three-minute film for the Mid-Autumn Festival, “The Story on Bridge," playing on the current vogue for traditional Chinese culture in marketing. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Branding the Mid-Autumn Festival

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News From China Brands turned out in force for the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 13. The big show on TV was CCTV’s gala variety show, exclusively sponsored for the sixth year by the aptly named Blue Moon laundry detergent brand. The brand introduced an upgraded product for the holiday, and gave viewers the opportunity to Read More

Q&A: Bill Gates-Owned Branded Entertainment Network Talks China Expansion

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CEO Butler and Nancy Lewis, Manager of Client Service and Strategic Partnerships, answered questions from CBI about the big move into China. Read More

CBI Case Study: High Fashion on the Small Screen

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This summer’s fashion drama of note is urban mystery/romance “Return the World to You," which stars 120-plus designer labels. Read More

CBI Video: Yili Satine Mines Family Conflict to Promote Organic Yogurt

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“What Is Organic Life?” takes a counterintuitive approach to promote dairy giant Yili’s Satine line of organic drinking yogurt, exposing the uncomfortable reality of a well-off urban family’s home life. Read More

CBI News Wrap: Didi Chuxing’s Comedy Show and Drama Placement

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In the aftermath of its public relations crisis, the ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing has launched a comedy show on Tencent Video called "Everybody Roast Didi." Read More

China’s Variety Shows Are a Hive of Brand Integration Activity

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With a more expansive meaning than its English counterpart, “variety show” in Chinese refers broadly to most reality-based television and video content, encompassing everything from talent competitions to dating programs, travel series, and talk shows.  Read More

CBI Case Study: Branding Chinese Hip-Hop

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Having recently concluded its third season, “Rap of China” offers a model of how brands navigate China’s variety show scene. Read More


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