Why Chinese Consumers Are Not Your Average Art Collectors

In the market research report “Winning China’s High-Spending Cultural Consumer: The Future Of Luxury,” Jing Daily analyzes the behaviors and characteristics of Chinese art collectors in 2022. 

The following is an excerpt from the newly published second edition of Jing Daily’s report Winning China’s High-Spending Cultural Consumer: The Future Of Luxury, packed with all-new data, case studies, and exclusive interviews. Get your copy today on our Reports page.

For those working with the China market, the focus has officially shifted away from millennials and toward Gen Z. But brands, institutions, and organizations that want to  stay ahead of the curve must look beyond generational demographics and turn their attention to a new type of grouping: the Chinese Cultural Consumer (CCC).

Within that crucial realm of luxury consumption sits the Chinese art collector. “When we speak to these collectors, they’re not limited only to street art, sneakers, toys, and all that. It’s more about lifestyle in general for them,” said Isaure de Viel Castel, Head of 20th Century Contemporary Art Department at Phillips. “They collect the rare sneakers, and they like to buy collectibles because it’s so much fun, and they’ll follow the artist and what the artist is doing.”

Expanding on that topic and providing you with a more detailed breakdown of the Chinese art collector, below are three defining characteristics taken from Winning China’s High-Spending Cultural Consumer: The Future Of Luxury. Continue to read the full article here