Who Are The 8 Fastest Rising Beauty KOLs On Xiaohongshu?

Do you know Cheng Shian or Zhouzhou KOI? They are China’s fastest-rising beauty KOLs on Xiaohongshu. Here, Jing Daily shares eight emerging beauty influencers.

Jing Daily’s monthly Chinese KOL tracking column looks at the most influential and active figures on China’s popular social media platforms that reshape consumer behaviors. From luxury to beauty, travel to lifestyle, and fashion, it offers a curated selection of the fastest-rising influencers and the trends behind them. Data are provided by the online performance measurement platform Launchmetrics.

Before purchasing a new beauty brand or product, 28-year-old Susan Chen, manager at a preschool in Hangzhou, researches the potential purchase on the lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu to check users’ reviews. “It has become a habit. When many people share positive experiences, I feel reassured,” she says. “I love scrolling through the Xiaohongshu Explore page. I can discover many new items and brands. I also follow a few KOLs that genuinely share beauty tips and product recommendations.”

Founded in 2013, the community-review-based lifestyle platform has become a search engine for its 200 million monthly active users. This is particularly true when it comes to beauty. According to the site, 87 percent of Xiaohongshu’s beauty users use it as their primary channel to learn about new beauty brands and products. Continue to read the full article here