Wang Yibo Denies Rumors Of Involvement In Sex Scandal

On Weibo, the hashtag “Wang Yibo’s team refutes rumors” (#王一博方辟谣#) has gained over 850 million views as the young actor works to clear his name. 

Following the arrest of actor Li Yifeng for soliciting prostitutes, another star has found himself mixed up in drama: Wang Yibo. The 25-year-old actor, who skyrocketed to global fame after appearing in the boys’ love drama The Untamed in 2019, has been subject to online rumors about his involvement in similar illegal activities.

On September 12, Wang’s agency Yuehua Entertainment posted a letter on Weibo refuting all allegations. “The online rumours about Mr. Wang Yibo claiming he is a ‘sex worker,’ ‘soliciting prostitutes’ and being a ‘kept man’’ are defamatory,” it read. “Mr Wang abides by the law and does not know a Mr. Li at all.” The company also filed a police report on September 13 to protect the star’s reputation and urged online platforms to block and delete related content.

On Weibo, the hashtag “Wang Yibo’s team refutes rumors” (#王一博方辟谣#) has gained over 850 million views, with many comments in support of the company taking legal action. Given Yuehua’s quick response, the defamatory statements are unlikely to affect the young celebrity’s upcoming activities and brand endorsements, which include Anta, Chanel, and Peacebird — unlike Li, who lost partnerships with at least 11 labels and was promptly scrubbed off their social media accounts.

These recent incidents underscore China’s determination to cleanse its entertainment industry and make examples of misbehaving celebrities. As more public figures fall from grace, brands must ensure their network of KOLs stays in the clear and take decisive action when things go south. Continue to read the full article here