Ubras Appoints Supermodel Liu Wen as Ambassador But Will It Pay Off?

Homegrown underwear label Ubras announced Chinese supermodel Liu Wen as their new brand ambassador. Was it the right move?

What Happened: Homegrown underwear brand Ubras announced its new brand ambassador — Chinese supermodel Liu Wen. Nicknamed affectionately “big sister” by netizens, Liu Wen is only the second spokesperson the brand has had after the Gen Z idol, Ouyang Nana. Moreover, Liu Wen has over 26 million loyal followers on Weibo and already endorses a host of high-end brands, including Chanel, Erdos, Estée Lauder, and e-commerce giant JD.com.

Ubras was founded in 2016 on a design concept that prioritizes comfort, launching rimless bras and size-free underwear that has won the hearts of young consumers that increasingly preferred comfortable lingerie. In addition to their lingerie products, Ubras has also introduced both a sportswear and homeware collection.

 The Jing Take: The appointment of Liu Wen as brand ambassador has delighted netizens, with many of them commenting below the announcement post: “The brand now looks so high-end.” Indeed, having a supermodel, who walks for international top tier brands and endorsed Chanel, has definitely elevated Ubras positioning in the mainland. Also, by hiring Liu Wen, Ubras hopes to reach a more mature, and wealthy, clientele. While young consumers mainly drive growth for most brands today, having both a Gen Z idol and a “big sister” as ambassadors has hopefully secured the brand a larger slice of China’s lucrative lingerie market.  Continue to read the full article here