TikTok’s ‘Gamer Girl’ Aesthetic Offers Brands New Way To Score With China’s Gen Z

Cute, fun and customizable, TikTok’s gamer girl aesthetic has taken over Chinese social media. As fashion takes a cyber turn, here’s how brands can capitalize on this trend. 

Cat ear headphones, customized keyboards, and colorful gaming consoles are the markers of Gen Z’s latest craze: the gamer girl aesthetic.

Popularized on TikTok – related posts have clocked up over 50 billion views – the Japanese school girl-inspired look has unsurprisingly made its way to China, the world’s largest gaming market. On social media platform Xiaohongshu, the hashtag “esports girl” (#电竞少女) has racked up over 72 million views, with users sharing their cute outfits and dedicated gaming stations.

Fashion and gaming have long had a close-knit relationship. Launching character skins, creating trophies for competitions, and collaborating with esports professionals are just a few ways brands have cashed in over the years.

But when it comes to physical apparel collections, branded merchandise tends to lean into masculine or unisex styles, despite women making up almost half of the country’s gamers. For example, Diesel’s capsule collection with Chinese League of Legends esports club WBG features women’s items that are identical to the men’s, just cropped, while Ralph Lauren’s Fortnite line comprises gender-neutral polos and jogger pants.

Yet, as the gamer girl trend shows, women are not afraid to make their presence known in this male-dominated space. Below, we take a look at how the hyper-feminine aesthetic has taken off in China and the opportunities brands have to power up in the market. Continue to read the full article here