Headlines from China: Meet The Chinese Partner Behind ‘Why Women Kill’

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Compared to the increasingly common model of Sino-Hollywood collaborations in film co-productions, it is still rare that a Chinese company taps into TV production in the US. Read More

CBI News Wrap: TV and Video Investment Season, Self-Discipline Pledge

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It’s investment season for Chinese TV and video industry. Over the past week or so, the major satellite networks and streaming services have been busy presenting their strategic plans and 2020 content offerings to advertisers and media.  Read More

CBI Case Study: High Fashion on the Small Screen

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This summer’s fashion drama of note is urban mystery/romance “Return the World to You," which stars 120-plus designer labels. Read More

CBI Case Study: Taking Dad to Study Abroad, or Taking Ads to Study Abroad?

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Last week, we looked at the positive feedback garnered by the brand integration activities of online education company Xueersi in the hit family drama “Growing Pain." This week we turn to the less rosy responses to brand marketing on another current hit series, “Over the Sea I Come to You” Read More

Chinese TV Guilds Issue Salary Cap for Stars

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China’s film, television, and radio sector passes guidelines to cap actors’ wages at 40 percent of a production’s total budget. Sky-high payouts are stifling the industry’s development, sector says. Read More

Corrupt Chinese Officials Profiled, Pilloried on New TV Show

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Reality-style program reveals the sordid secrets of China’s money-grabbing elite. Read More

Bad Boy Cop Show Disappears From Internet

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In another reminder that web series in China are subject to the same scrutiny as their television counterparts, popular police drama Yu Zui has disappeared from the internet. Read More

Will Netflix Ever Go to China?

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Netflix has not entered the Chinese market, and unless it changes its business strategy or China changes its approach to regulating content and Internet streaming, it probably will not be doing so soon. Read More

Hit Korean TV Drama ‘Descendants’ to be Remade as Chinese Film

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Sixteen-part romance was shot all at once to satisfy China's censors and get a simultaneous release in China and South Korea—a first for a Korean production. Read More

CFI Q&A: Wendy Su, author of ‘China’s Encounter with Global Hollywood’

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The Chinese government is a bigger winner than Hollywood up to 2013 due to its strong role and strict policy, but it's still too early to declare an ultimate winner. Read More