Stephy Fung: The Artist Behind the First 3D Qipao

3D artist Stephy Fung, who brought China’s beloved qipao to life digitally, talks to Jing Daily about working in the exploding online sector. 

With time on her hands during the lockdown, 3D artist Stephy Fung taught herself Marvelous Designer, a popular software used to create dynamic clothing for video games and VR experiences. Little did she know that history would conspire to place her firmly at the center of a pandemic-accelerated digital fashion revolution.

The London-based Fung, who is British-born Chinese, has been honing her technical craft in motion design since 2017. Now, as an accomplished designer, her skillset runs from motion design programs like Cinema4D to animation software such as Houdini.

She is known for bringing the form-fitting qipao to life digitally. In fact, China’s traditional dress was one of the first digital garments the designer rendered, and her pioneering collection in arresting shades of violet, emerald green, and royal blue can be seen and worn on the international multi-brand retailer site, Dress X. Continue to read the full article here