SkinCeuticals Releases Short film on Chinese Professionals

L’Oréal-owned skincare brand SkinCeuticals teamed up with the digital creative house Xinshixiang to produce a short film called “The Power To Become.” The film features six celebrities with achievements in their respective fields (tennis player Li Na, e-sports player Jian Zihao, actor Bai Jingting, director Mai Zi, dermatology expert Li Xiaomin, and snowboarder Su Yiming) and exposes the dedication along their career journeys that led to their professional success.

Since the two-minute short film first launched on September 16, over 1.5 million users have viewed it on Weibo. The campaign hashtag #ThePowerToBecome garnered over 15 million views in one week, thanks to an endorsement from the brand’s China ambassador, Bai Jingting. Meanwhile, the cast, particularly Jian Zihao and Su Yiming, allowed the campaign to reach broader audiences beyond the brand’s usual followers.

As a brand dedicated to providing advanced skincare products backed by science, SkinCeuticals is distinguishing itself from others in the field by strengthening its professional image through campaigns like this one. And as more Chinese beauty shoppers show a greater interest in researching skincare ingredients and formulas, innovative dermatology products can use popular local professionals to expand their market shares. Continue to read the full article here