One Way To Avoid Scandals? China Lays Down Law For Celebrity Endorsements

With brands doing all they can to avoid celebrity scandals, China announces further regulations for endorsements. From socialism to due diligence, here’s what luxury needs to know when hiring VIPs. 

What Happened: China continues to regulate its entertainment industry. The latest curb came on Halloween when six government bodies jointly announced the “New Rules and Guidelines for Celebrities in Advertisements and Endorsements” on October 31.

The updates for celebrities can be broken down into three main areas. Firstly, they should consciously practice the core values of socialism in their advertising endorsements, and these activities should conform to social morals and traditional values. Next, the benefactors must now always carry out background checks on the companies they might potentially work with as well as their products. Finally, these stars must act with integrity and strictly abide in accordance with the law at all times.

Other updates impacting platforms require them to scrutinize advertising content: they must avoid vulgar content and anything that creates hype, while commercials featuring disgraced VIPs are to be restricted. Corporations are required to be responsible for advertising content by making sure it is accurate and legal. They must also research celebrities’ backgrounds, ensuring they have not been punished for violating any advertising laws in the past three years. The legislation also states that children below 10 years are not allowed to act as an ambassador for any products. Continue to read the full article here