One of China’s Most Influential Travel Show Hosts Right Now is a Fox Hand Puppet

A hand puppet resembling a fox has become an unlikely star on the Chinese internet via a new comedy travel program.

Filming vlogs, especially travel vlogs, has become one of the most trendy ways for China’s influencers to share their life and experiences on sites such as microblog platform Weibo, video site Bilibili and even short video sensation TikTok — similar to their Western equivalents on YouTube and Twitter. But have you ever seen a traveling vlogger fox puppet? Now we have one on the Chinese internet.

Hu Lai Decides to Go Travel first aired on March 17 on Bilibili (and later appeared on Weibo and Tencent Video). The show has since attracted hundreds of thousands of views.

In the first season, Hu Lai, a hand puppet in the shape of a Tibetan sand fox whose poker face has long been used in popular memes on the Chinese internet, guides viewers through a 10-day-tour in Hong Kong. In addition to comparing the most visited tourism attractions, Hu Lai chooses adventure via some more local parts hidden in the metropolis — from a shabby hostel room in the infamous Chungking Mansions to the only on-boat restaurant left around the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, and from the “Oriental Venice” of Tai O Fishing Village to the fortunetelling stands on Temple Street.

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