Is the US Ready for an All-Chinese Content Streaming Service?

New streaming platform BAMBU is hoping to bring Chinese movies and TV shows to US audiences.

For the non-Chinese speaker, gaining access to current, high-quality Chinese TV and film outside of China requires determination. Of course Netflix has a small selection of newer, sometimes binge-worthy Chinese TV shows and films, but the hoops one has to jump through to access a wider array of content (downloading the proper extensions, brushing up on your language skills) make it inconvenient at best.

New Chinese content streaming service BAMBU hopes to make it effortless, in the US at least, starting in mid-2019. The service will offer content “previously unavailable to American audiences” that caters specifically to open-minded Millennial and Gen-X viewers. Is that you? I’m willing to bet… yes.

Cinedigm, the company behind the service, has already obtained hundreds of hours of content through licensing deals with Chinese entertainment industry heavyweights such as Youku, CCTV, Starrise Media and China Lion. Given what they’ve achieved so far, Chris McGurk, the Chairman, and CEO of Cinedigm, told RADII he’s “very bullish” on the prospects of the platform’s success. Read the full story on RADII.


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