Headlines from China: Christopher Nolan is Paying A Visit to China in August

Christopher Nolan is Paying a Visit to China to Promote Dunkirk

Dunkirk is scheduled to open across China on September 1. A recent announcement about Christopher Nolan visiting China on August 21 excites many Chinese moviegoers. According to Mtime, Christopher Nolan will stay in China for two days to promote Dunkirk. Currently, presale tickets to Dunkirk screenings are already available on various online ticketing platforms and at movie theaters in China. A new trailer of the film was also released in China lately. Read more on Mtime

Reed Exhibitions’ China Comic Con Journey

Comic Con has a rich history in North America. But for Chinese audiences, it’s still a relatively new concept. Two years ago when the first Comic Con took place in China, organizer Reed Exhibitions’ Project Manager Chen Qian realized that Chinese consumers had many misperceptions of their Comic Con. This year, Reed Exhibitions plan to partner with local event organizers and Shanghai Media Group (SMG) to promote their upcoming Comic Con as a celebration of not only comic culture but also pop culture in general. Read more on D-entertainment 

Will Guilty of Mind Ruin its Producer’s IPO?

Psychological thriller Guilty of Mind opened across China last Friday, and the film has not been performing as well as people expected. And this especially concerns its producer Heli Chenguan Media. Known for producing hit movie Tiny Times in 2015, Heli Chenguan Media also produced hit arthouse movie Paths of the Soul this year. Currently, the company is preparing for its IPO and hoping to accumulate capital from the ticket sales of Guilty of Mind. Read more on yuledujiaoshou

Old Japanese IP Found New Market in China

Since The King of Fighters (KOF) were developed in 1994 as a game, Japanese company SNK was the owner of this IP for 21 years, during which the company released ten games, one movie, and one animation. In 2015, a Chinese gaming company Tianjin Kale acquired SNK and became KOF’s IP rights holder. Only within two years, Tianjin Kale has released three games and one animation, and is planning a few film and TV projects, all based on KOF. Read more on DoNews 

What You Don’t Know about Celina Jade, the Heroine of Wolf Warriors 2?

As Wolf Warriors 2 became China’s highest-grossing film of all time, the female lead of the film Celina Jade has been gaining enormous popularity in China. Born in Hong Kong in 1985, Celina’s mother is of Chinese descent, and her father is American Kung Fu star Roy Horan. Celina collaborated with Wu Jing for the first time in 2008 when she was casted to play in action movie Legendary Assassin, which was co-directed by Wu Jing. Read more on Mtime