Headlines from China: Andy Lau Expressed His Interest in Playing in ‘Wolf Warriors 3’

Andy Lau Expressed His Interest in Playing in Wolf Warriors 3

In a recent interview, Hong Kong movie star Andy Lau talked about his upcoming movie The Adventurers, his previous hit movie Infernal Affairs, and the Chinese film market. When Andy was asked about Infernal Affairs, he said that none of the Hong Kong action movies produced over the past 15 years achieved the level of success Infernal Affairs achieved, and co-production might have been one of the important reasons, as co-produced movies try to cater to audiences from different cultures and restrict filmmakers’ creative freedom. In addition, Andy commended on the uncertain nature of the movie industry, saying that he is not sure if he will be invited to play in Wolf Warriors 3, but he will be prepared. Read more on Mtime

Will Baofeng Become Next LeEco?

Baofeng Group, a Beijing-based media and technology company, is constantly compared with LeEco. And it’s not unreasonable for people to do so. Originally established itself in the industry as a developer of media player software, Baofeng has been expanding ambitiously, tapping into various areas including TV, virtual reality, sports, and online streaming. Similar to LeEco, Baofeng has been struggling to actualize such a large blueprint, and cash flow is one of the most prominent issues the company is facing. Read more on Tencent Tech

Closed! Closed! Closed! Awakened Hipster Site Aggressively Prepares for IPO

Recently, a leaked email from Douban CEO Yang Bo revealed that the company plans to cut unprofitable products in order to prepare for an upcoming IPO filing. On August 10, users received an email notifying them upcoming shutdown of Douban’s e-commerce section ‘Douban Dongxi’ and blog ‘Douban Moment’. Many users predict that Douban’s online radio ‘Douban FM’ will also be closed soon. Once known for a “slow” approach to its business model, Douban shows no hesitation or slowness this time. Read more on TMT Post 

Chinese Filmmakers Explore Finance-Themed Movies

Lujiazui Storm: Sleepless Night, a film about the finance industry in Shanghai, premiered at the China Financial Information Center on August 8. Chinese audiences enjoy watching finance–themed movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Margin Call and The Big Short, yet Chinese filmmakers rarely make movies about this industry, mainly due to their lack of financial knowledge. Producer of Lujiazui Storm: Sleepless Night, however, was a finance professional with many years of experience in private equity, which allowed him to examine how truthful the script of this movie was. Read more on D-entertainment

Tencent Invests in Korean Game Developer Bluehole Studio

Tencent recently has signed an investment deal with Korean Game developer Bluehole studio, which developed hit games such as Playerunknown’s Battlegrouns and Tera. According to a source familiar with the matter, Tencent’s original plan was to acquire Bluehole Studio, but such request was rejected by Bluehole. Tencent has been rapidly expanding in overseas game markets this year. Before invested in Bluehole, Tencent, Tencent had invested in British game developer Frontier Developments in July. Read more on Ent Group