Headlines from China: Andy Lau and Jean Reno Are Looking Good in IMAX

Andy Lau and Jean Reno Are Looking Good in IMAX
Directed by Stephen Fung, starring Andy Lau, Jean Reno, and Jingchu Zhang, the action movie The Adventurers will open on August 11 in IMAX theaters across China. On August 8, a preview screening of the film took place in Beijing. With fighting, chasing, and car racing scenes combined with good looking actors on a big IMAX screen, The Adventurers truly is a visual feast. After the preview screening, one reporter said that ‘this movie is something audiences should not miss this summer.’ Read more on Mtime

Co-founder and President of Busan International Film Festival to Resign
Kim Dong-ho, the president of Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), and Festival Director Soo-youn Kang recently announced that both would resign from the troubled festival after this year’s edition. Once the most influential film festival in East Asia, BIFF keeps getting into trouble with national and local governments as the festival tries to maintain its curatorial and managerial independence. Read more on Mtime

From Film Financing to International Distribution, What’s Next for TMP?
This week, Tang Media Partners closed the deal on acquiring Hollywood production and distribution company Open Road Films from AMC and Regal Entertainment. In a recent interview with Sansheng, TMP’s executives said that the company’s ultimate goal is to become an influential production company. It’s the company’s strategic plan to raise money and build distribution network first, then use all these resources to attract the best content creators in the world. Read more on Sansheng 

Woody Allen Cast Three ‘Little Fresh Meats’ for His Latest Movie
Having finished ‘Wonder Wheel’ not long ago, Woody Allen has already started preparing for his next movie. While the new movie doesn’t have a title yet, three lead actors have been confirmed. They are Timothee Chalamet, Elle Fanning, and Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez is the oldest among the three, and she is 25 years old. Woody Allen is quite popular among Chinese moviegoers. Although the synopsis of the movie hasn’t been released, a story with three ‘little fresh meats’ in it already sounds interesting. Read more on Mtime

Live Performances in HD Have an Audience in China
In western countries, recording and digitizing live performances in HD format is implemented by an increasing number of performing arts organizations in order to reach a broader audience. Recently, this trend is being picked up by Chinese performing arts centers and arthouse movie theaters. Since performances in HD were first introduced to China three years ago, more than 400 screenings have taken place across China, and the number is continuing to grow. Read more on Wenwei Po