Headlines from China: These Celebrities are Darlings of Brands in 2018

Karry Wang and Zhou Dongyu

These Celebrities are Darlings of Brands in 2018

Recently, WeChat media account yulechanye took a look at celebrity endorsements in 2018 and put together a list of celebrities and the brands they’ve endorsed. According to this list, Karry Wang and Zhou Dongyu have the most endorsement deals in 2018. Other brand-favored celebrities include Wang Yuan, Zhu Yilong, Dilraba, Huang Zitao, Chen Weiting, Yang Zi, Zhang Yixing and Bai Yu. Kris Wu, who was on the top of the list last year, endorsed less number of brands this year. However, the brands he endorses become increasingly high-end and international. Celebrities who were born in 1990s become more welcome by brands than those born in 1980s. More and more video-streaming websites and apps, including Youku, iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Weishi, have also endorsed by multiple celebrities. Another trend this year is more and more male celebrities have endorsed products targeting female consumers, such as cosmetics, snacks, and personal care products.Read more on yulechanye

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Top Film and TV Production Companies Join the Remake Craze

Since last year, the Chinese entertainment market has been seeing waves of remakes based on classic movies, drama series, and novels. Meanwhile, the number of films and TV shows based on internet novels has been decreasing. Due to existing popularity and mainstream storytelling, it’s relatively easy for a remake of a classic work to receive production permit from media regulators. It’s not surprising to see that most backers behind the remakes are top film and TV production studios, as these companies can afford to acquire the rights to the classics. Active players in this area include listed production powerhouses, such as New Classics Media, Huace Media and Perfect World Pictures, as well as top internet platforms, such as Tencent Pictures and Mango Excellent Media. Read more on entgroup.cn

Japanese Hit Anime IP ‘Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel’ Scores China Release

Japanese anime film Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel: Presage Flower will sail into China on Jaunary 11, 2019.According to Mtime, it will be the first film of the nationwide hit IP Fate/stay night to be approved for a theatrical release in China. Premiered in 2017, the film reached No.1 spot at the Japanese box office on its opening weekend, grossing ¥413 million ($3.68 million) within two days. Fate/ Grand order, a mobile game based on the IP that exclusively represented by Bilibili in mainland China, have already had over 3 million registered players even before its official launch. Produced by acclaimed anime studio Ufotable, the film was directed by Tomonori Sudō and featured music by Yuki Kajiura, a well-known ACG music producer. Read more on Mtime