Headlines from China: ‘The Three Body Problem’ is Better Off with Amazon? 

‘The Three Body Problem’ is Better Off with Amazon? 

After the Financial Times reported that Amazon might develop and produce three seasons of episodes based on Chinese sci-fi novel The Three Body Problem, Chinese netizens and sci-fi fans have been expressing their joy over such possibility. Written by Liu Cixin, The Three Body Problem was published in 2008 and became one of the the most popular and important Chinese sci-fi novels. Its film remake has also been highly anticipated. Several years ago, China’s Youzu Interactive acquired the rights and announced plans to produce six films based on the novel. The shooting of the first film reportedly was completed in 2015, yet the film hasn’t been released as of now, possibly due to unsatisfying quality. Many fans of the book believe that Amazon will be more capable of producing quality remake of the book. Read more on TMT Post

Is Live Streaming Dying or Maturing in China?

After live streaming exploded in China two years ago, the sector seems to be facing a new turning point right now. On one hand, the total consumption of live streaming content is dropping and many platforms went out of business lately due to fierce competition; on the other hand, top live streaming platforms continue to receive investments from investors such as Tencent, and some of them are even preparing for IPO. The sector seems to be reaching its ceiling and the Chinese government’s tightened control over online content poses new challenge and uncertainty. It remains to be seen what future holds for the live streaming sector in China. Read more on yiyuguancha

‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Opens in China with Massive 45% Screen Share

Yesterday, China’s single day box office earnings reached 71 million yuan ($11.25 million) thanks to midnight preview screenings of Pacific Rim: Uprising, which raked in 9 million yuan last night. Tomb Raider earned 20.1 million yuan and topped yesterday’s box office chart. Behind Tomb Raider is propaganda documentary Amazing China, which made 12.5 million yuan. Today, Pacific Rim: Uprising opens across China with massive 45% screen share. Read more on Mtime

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Yang Mi’s Jiaxing Media Continued to See Revenue Jump in 2017

On March 20, Jiaxing Media, which is partially owned by Chinese actress Yang Mi, released the company’s 2017 performance report. According to the report, Jiaxing Media generated over 190 million yuan of net revenue in 2017, an approximate 50 percent jump compared to the previous year. The increase in net revenue mainly comes from its talent management business and several hit TV productions. Read more on jrj.com