Headlines from China: Stocks of U.S.-listed Chinese Video Sites Dropped

Stocks of U.S.-listed Chinese Video Sites Dropped

After seeing powerful surges earlier this month, stock prices of three U.S.-listed Chinese video sites  iQiyi (IQ), Huya (HUYA) and Bilibili (BILI) suffered declines on Thursday. Facilitated by the development of China’s ACG (animation, comics, and games) sector and the growth of paying subscriptions, China’s online video sector has been seeing a wave of IPOs this year. According to the analysis in this article, the price drop was possibly affected by the looming trade war between China and the U.S.. In addition, the three stocks were initially overpriced. Therefore, the drop was not too surprising. However, the author also believes that the future of China’s video sites is promising, as the overall sector is becoming mature and shows great momentum. Read more on TMT Post

15th Panorama of French Cinema Presents French Films in Seven Chinese Cities

Organized by uniFrance and the French Embassy in Beijing, the 15th Panorama of French Cinema will bring 10 films to seven Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Dalian, Xi’an, Wuhan, and Chongqing. The lineup is comprised of award-winning and critically acclaimed films, such as Custody, Lover for a Day, Barbara, and Let The Sunshine In. The showcases will start at the end of June. French actress Virginie Ledoyen and Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming are named ambassadors of the event. Read more on Mtime

Web Movie ‘Qi Tian Da Sheng’ Becomes the 12th Highest-grossing Chinese Film?

Recently, a list of highest-grossing Chinese films in 2018 is being circulated on the internet and stirs up discussions. On this list, web film Qi Tian Da Sheng is ranked No. 12 with over RMB 120 million in revenue , which surprises many. Although this number is only an estimation based on revenue-sharing formula, it is seen as an indication of the rapid development of Chinese web movies. Web movies emerged in China in 2014, and refer to films that are made to be released on online video platforms only. Once regarded as an inferior format, web movies become increasingly popular and have started to attract top talents and big investments.  Read more on huanqiu.com