Headlines from China: Sony Pictures Imageworks to Animate Pearl Studio’s ‘Over The Moon’   

Sony Pictures Imageworks to Animate Pearl Studio’s ‘Over The Moon’    

China’s Pearl Studio and Netflix jointly announced that Sony Pictures Imageworks was to animate upcoming feature Over The Moon, which is co-produced by the two companies and directed by Oscar-wining director Glen Keane. The film tells a story about a girl who builds a rocket to travel to the moon in hopes of meeting Moon Goddess. The film is eying a 2020 China release. Audiences outside China will be able to watch the film on Netflix. Read more on Mtime

Is Buy-out Film Still Good Business in China?

2016 is the year when Chinese distributors became highly interested in buy-out films, which are foreign films imported into China at a flat fee. In that year, 55 buy-out films raked in 4.45 billion yuan at the box office, making up a quarter of the total China box office of the year. However, as more and more distributors tapped into this area, the competition became more fierce. WeChat media account yuleguan001 took a look at the performance of this year’s buy-out films and got a rather disappointing conclusion. As of September, 44 buy-out films were released in China and earned 2.64 billion yuan at the box office. Only 6 of them crossed the 100-million-yuan mark and 16 of them made less than 10 million yuan. Two-thirds of the buy-out box office revenues were generated by films from India, the U.S. and Japan. Read more on yuleguan001

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2018 China Singles Day Saw Live Entertainment Boom

China’s Singles Day (November 11), the annual shopping spree invented by e-commerce giant Alibaba, has seen a boom in the live entertainment sector this year. According to data from live entertainment ticketing platform Damai, about 7500 live entertainment events took place between October 20 and November 11 this year, a 30% increase compared to the same period last year. In addition, audience number went up by 54% and ticket revenues up by 52%. Concerts, plays, and standup comedy are the most popular types of live entertainment events in China. Read more on entgroup.cn