Headlines from China: ‘Pokémon’ to Open Across China on November 11

‘Pokémon’ to Hit Chinese Cinema Screens For the First Time on November 11

‘Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel,’ the 19th film in the iconic ‘Pokémon’ franchise, has been scheduled to open across China on November 11, China’s Single Day. This release will also mark the film’s first appearance on Chinese cinema screens in 20 years. Created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995, Pokémon (short for “pocket monster”) is a series of movies, comic books, TV shows, trading cards, and video games that follows a group of amateur monster trainers who hunt and train new Pokémon creatures. Read more on Mtime

‘Wolf Warrior 2’ Screenwriter to Collaborate with Renny Harlin on Upcoming Co-Production ‘Operation Somalia’

Recently, Chinese screenwriter Liu Yi, who wrote ‘Wolf Warrior’ and ‘Wolf Warrior 2,’ officially joined the crew of ‘Operation Somalia,’ an upcoming action flick to be directed by Renny Harlin. Currently based in China, Renny Harlin is best known for his Hollywood action movies, such as ‘Die Hard 2’ and ‘Cliffhanger.’ Before joining ‘Operation Somalia,’ Harlin has directed Chinese co-productions including ‘Skiptrace’ and ‘Legend of the Ancient Sword.’ Backed by Jindun Film and TV Center of China’s Ministry of Public Security, the film has also formed a partnership with Wanda Pictures. Read more on yuleguan001

Beijing Enlight Media Sees Revenue Jump in First Three Quarters of 2017

Recently, Beijing Enlight Media released a financial report for the first three quarters of 2017. According the report, the company posts 628 million yuan ($94.7 million) in net profit, 8 percent up compared to the same period last year. Box office income from 12 films, such as ‘Once Upon A Time,’ ‘Da Hu Fa,’ and ‘City of Rock,’ were included in this report. The company also invested in hit comedy ‘Never Say Die,’ but didn’t include this movie in this reporting period. Read more on Ent Group

Arthouse Film ‘Paths of the Soul’ Grosses Over 100 Million Yuan after 99 Days in Release

According to box office data released by Mtime Pro, ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle‘ continues to lead China’s box office, and its total ticket sales has exceeded 300 million yuan ($45.2 million) as of October 23. In addition, ‘Never Say Die‘ is headed for 2.1 billion yuan ($316.6 million) this week. Another film that is worth mentioning is ‘Paths of the Soul,’ an arthouse film about a group of Tibetans making a 1200 kilometer pilgrimage to Lasa. After 99 days in release, this low-budget docudrama, with a cult following among China’s capitalists and start founders, has grossed over 100 million yuan ($15 million) at box office. Read more on Mtime

Chinese Moviegoers Complain about Too Few 2D Screenings of ‘Blade Runner 2049’ in China

As the China release date of ‘Blade Runner 2049‘ is approaching, many Chinese moviegoers start booking tickets to the film online. However, they can barely find any screenings of the film in 2D format. As the film was originally shot in 2D and only converted into 3D afterwards, some Chinese audiences prefer to watch the 2D version. Yet, the distributors and exhibitors don’t seem to care enough about the needs of the audience. Some people speculate that the higher ticket prices of a 3D screening encourage the distributors and exhibitors to arrange more 3D screenings for the film. Read more on Entertainment Capital