Headlines from China: Huayi Brothers’ Pledge of Stock Rights Triggers Rumors

Huayi Brothers’ Pledge of Stock Rights Triggers Rumors

Recently, Wang Zhonglei and Wang Zhongjun, major shareholders of Huayi Brothers, carried out a pledge of almost all of their stock rights. Although share pledge is considered a normal approach employed by many giant companies while raising funds in the capital market, some people regard Huayi Brothers’ move as a bad signal, given the company’s involvement in recent tax probe controversy. Today, Huayi Brothers officially responded that the share pledge does not mean they are selling off their stock shares. Instead, they are raising funds for new investment projects. Read more on Mtime

Youku Announces Its Strategic Plan For World Cup Streaming in China

Two weeks ago, Alibaba’s online video site Youku officially acquired the exclusive online rights in China to the World Cup through a partnership with China Central Television. Yesterday, Youku announced its strategic plan for world cup streaming in China. Yang Weidong, rotating CEO of Youku, announced that the live streaming of all 64 matches will be available in HD for all users for free. According to Yang, Youku has been planning its sports channel for a year and will continue to expand its sports streaming services after the World Cup. In addition to Youku, about 30 other Alibaba apps will also offer world cup-themed content, services, and experiences during 2018 FIFA World Cup. Read more on yulechanye

Who Are Most Popular in China Right Now

In the first half of 2018, the ranking of Chinese celebritie has changed again. An updated top celebrities list was recently released, with Cai Xukun, Huang Zitao, and TFBoy’s Wang Junkai being in top 3. Kris Wu ranks No. 10 on the list, despite that he has little media exposure so far this year. The list has taken into account five factors: Weibo super hashtag (Weibo posts, reposts, likes, reading quantity statistics), quantity of film and television works, variety shows participation, commercial values, and Baidu Index (Statistics of media exposure). As Cai Xukun and Huang Zitao rose to fame through hit talent shows, it remains to be seen if their popularities will last. Read more on yulechanye