Headlines from China: Indian Film ‘Hindi Medium’ Won Over China’s Middle Class Moviegoers

a still from “Hindi Medium”

Indian Film ‘Hindi Medium’ Won Over China’s Middle Class Moviegoers

Since it was released in China last Wednesday, Indian film Hindi Medium has not only raked in millions of dollars, but also stirred up discussions amongst Chinese moviegoers about Children’s education. The film tells the story of a couple who aspire to give their daughter the best education and thus be a part of and accepted by the elite of Delhi. As China continues to develop economically, the relationship between education and social mobility becomes a major issue concerning every Chinese parent. The anxiety depicted in Hindi Medium is something that Chinese people, especially middle-class parents, can strongly relate to. Read more on yuledujiaoshou

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How ‘Ready Player One’ was Successfully Marketed in China

Steven Spielberg’s science fiction film Ready Player One is pulling insane money in China, and its huge success in the middle kingdom has something to do with the effective promotion done by Chinese film publicity firms Bravo Entertainment and HS Century. According to Zhang Bowen, CEO of Bravo Entertainment, the key is to attract people who are likely to truly enjoy the film to be the first ones to see the film. This way, good word-of-mouth can be achieved at the beginning. Instead of promoting Ready Player One as a family friendly film that everybody can enjoy, the marketing team spent great efforts promoting the film to people who love playing video games. Read more on yulechanye

Light Chaser Animation Studio’s Third Animated Film Flopped, Again

Local animation studio Light Chaser’s third animated film Cats and Peachtopia, which opened in theater on April 5, has only earned less than 20 million yuan ($3.17 million) after four days. Compared to its budget of 70 million yuan, its box office is rather disappointing. Light Chaser Animation Studio was founded in 2013 by Wang Wei, former CEO of video-sharing website Tudou. Prior to Cats and Peachtopic, the studio had produced two animated films The Guardian Brothers and Tea Pets. Both have flopped at the box office. While all three films have great production values, they failed to attract audiences because of weak storytelling. Striving to produce family friendly animations, such as Coco, Despicable Me 3, and Zootopia, Light Chaser’s writing team doesn’t seem to be strong enough to realize such a vision yet. Read more on yuleguan001

Pet Movies are Gaining Popularity in China

Over the past a few years, an increasing number of urban dwellers in China became pet owners. Meanwhile, pet movies also started gaining popularity in the middle kingdom. Several years ago, pet movies were still an ignored genre in China. Yet this year, over 10 imported pet movies are set to release. In addition to importing pet movies, Chinese studios even started making them. Chinese-Thai co-production film A Dong’s Tale has started filming. Blazing Warrior, Huayi Brothers’ animated film that features a dog and a cat, has been set to release this summer. The increasing number of pet owners might also indicate a sad fact that there is an increasing number of people who live alone and feel lonely. Read more on yiyuguancha