Headlines From China: Feng Xiaogang’s Scenes Deleted from Jia Zhangke’s ‘Ash Is Purest White’


Feng Xiaogang’s Scenes Deleted from Jia Zhangke’s ‘Ash Is Purest White’

On September 16, a premiere event for Jia Zhangke’s latest film Ash Is Purest White took place in Beijing. The film will officially open across China on September 21. The film’s theatrical screening permit shows that its total running time is 136 minutes, which is 6 minutes shorter than the version screened at Cannes Film Festival. Scenes that star Chinese director and actor Feng Xiaogang have been eliminated from the film. Jia Zhangke didn’t explain why Feng’s scenes were eliminated but described his feelings towards this situation as “complicated.” Read more on Mtime

Alibaba Literature Works With Partners To Repurpose Over a Hundred Works

At a recent industry event focused on online literature, Alibaba Literature reveals that the company has been working with partners across the entertainment industry to repurpose over 100 works over the past 300 days. Adapted works including comic books, web movies, drama series, theatrical films and games, etc. According to data from CNNIC, number of online literature readers has reached 406 million in China as of June 2018. As the sector continues to grow, it’s inevitable to repurpose popular content and IPs to fully actualize their commercial values. According to Alibaba Literature CEO Yu Qian, the company encourages writers to create content that’s positive and relatable. Read more on entgroup.cn

Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ May Be Released in China

Today, Disney’s upcoming musical fantasy film Mary Poppins Returns released an official trailer with Chinese subtitles, indicating that the film will likely be imported into China. Based on the book series by P.L.Travers and a sequel to 1964’s Mary Poppins, the film is directed by Rob Marshall and stars Emily Blunt. In the sequel, Mary Poppins visits the now-grown Jane and Michael Banks in depression-era London, and helps the family rediscover the joy and wonder after a personal loss. Mary Poppins Returns has been set to release in North America on December 19. A China released hasn’t been confirmed yet. Read more on Mtime