Headlines From China: Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Struts to $1.8 Million Opening Day

China Box Office: Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Struts to $1.8 Million Opening Day

Disney’s “Cruella” strut into China on Sunday with a $1.78 million opening day, coming in sixth in a slow weekend behind reigning box office champ “F9,” according to data from Maoyan. Day one China figures for “Cruella” were less than a fourth of the $7.7 million the film grossed on its May 28 opening day in North America, where it premiered in theaters and on Disney Plus via a $30 fee. It went on to gross $26.5 million over the Memorial Day weekend, making it the third highest North American debut since the pandemic began. Read more Variety

Why China’s Hanfu Trend Won’t Cool Down

During the last few years, young Chinese have elevated Hanfu — traditional Han Chinese costumes — from a niche hobby to a generation’s tool of cultural expression while transforming it into a consumer market of 400 million people. Driven by a mix of rising nationalism, savvy local branding, and KOL-propelled hype, the rise of Hanfu is a telling example of what young Chinese consumers want from brands today — an acknowledgment of their cultural heritage and a post-hegemonic attitude to style making. Read more Jing Daily