Headlines from China: Disney Responds to Complaints from Chinese Avengers Fans

photo: Weibo.

Disney Responds to Complaints from Avengers Fans

Yesterday, Walt Disney Pictures hosted a press conference in China and apologized to Avengers Fans for making them disappointed at the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe last Thursday at Shanghai Disney Resort. Disney explained that the organizing team behind the event invited local celebrities to perform with the intention of expanding Marvel’s audience base in China. Complaints from Avengers fans have made them reexamine their marketing strategies. Disney also says that the company will not hire irrelevant celebrities to promote their films anymore, although they are still open to try innovative ways to promote films in China. Read more on Mtime

Tencent Pictures Launches Distribution Arm 

On April 23 (Beijing Time), Tencent hosted a conference on new cultural and entertainment ecosystem. At the conference, Tencent introduced the company’s strategic business plans for its various entertainment arms, including Tencent Pictures, Tencent Anime, China Literature, Tencent eSports, and Tencent Games. In addition, the company announced that Tencent Pictures had launched a distribution division focusing on film distribution. According to sources familiar with the matter, Tencent’s distribution arm is capable of reaching 85% of moviegoing regions in China. Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, which was released in China in March, was the first film that Tencent’s distribution arm was involved in. Read more on sohu.com

Comedy ‘Wu Ru Jiang Hu’ Set for 2019 Chinese New Year Release

Local comedy Wu Ru Jiang Hu (《误入江湖》)has been scheduled to release on 2019 Chinese New Year’s Day, according to the film’s official poster. Directed by Duan Lianmin and starring Guo Jinjie, Liu Ye, and Li Zixiong, the film follows an ambitious young man’s journey as he navigates urban metropolis to pursue wealth and success. With a screenwriting background, Director Duan hopes to make a unique comedy film that not only entertains the audience with funny plots but also reflects relationships between people in today’s society. Read more on Mtime

LeEco’s Le Chuang Entertainment and Sunac China to Launch Joint Venture 

LeEco’s film arm Le Chuang Entertainment and Sunac China will launch a joint venture, which will focus on cultural tourism and location-based entertainment. While LeEco is still stuck in huge debt, Le Chuang Entertainment has been gradually making its way towards a brighter future. Last month, the company changed its name from Le Vision Pictures to Le Chuang Entertainment to associate itself with its largest shareholder Sunac China. Last year, Sunac China entered a deal with Wanda Group to acquire 13 cultural tourism properties from Wanda with 43.8 billion yuan. Read more on entgroup.cn