Headlines from China: Differences Between iQiyi and Netflix, According to iQiyi Report

Differences Between iQiyi and Netflix, According to iQiyi Report

iQiyi CEO Gong Yu once said that the company’s long term goal was to become “China’s online Disney.” However, most people still prefer to compare iQiyi with Netflix. As iQiyi just released the company’s 2018 financial report, we take a look at the differences between iQiyi and Netflix based on this report: 1. Revenue sources: while Netflix solely relies on subscriptions, iQiyi’s revenues come from subscriptions, advertising, and content distribution; 2. Subscribers: currently, about 69% of American families have subscribed to Netflix, which leaves little room for the company to continue to grow domestically. Meanwhile, only about 20% of Chinese families have subscribed to iQiyi so far; 3. Content strategies: when it comes to original content, iQiyi is known for hit drama series as well variety shows. iQiyi has also tapped into sports content in recent years. Netflix, on the other hand, mainly known for its original drama series and films. 4. Collaborations with content creators: For a non-original show, Netflix acquires it while iQiyi either acquires it or split revenues with its creators. Read more on Shenxiang

Disney’s ‘Dumbo’ to Release in North America and China Day-and-Date

Dumbo, a 2019 upcoming fantasy adventure film produced by Disney, has been scheduled to release in China day-and-date with the U.S. on March 29, according to sources familiar with the matter. Directed by Tim Burton, the film is loosely inspired by Walt Disney’s 1941 animated film of the same name, which centers around a young elephant who is bothered by his oversized ears but eventually embraces his uniqueness and actualizes himself. Read more on Mtime

Indian Film ‘Mom’ Set for China Release

According to Mtime, Indian film Mom has been scheduled to open in theatre on March 22 in China. The film’s Chinese poster has also been released today. The film follows the story of Devki as she seeks justice for her stepdaughter Arya, who is brutally raped by four criminals. Based on the real-life event Delhi gang rape in 2012, the film received both critical and commercial successes when it released in India. The film’s leading actress Sridevi won the 65th National Film Awards of India for her role as Devki. Read more on Mtime