Headlines from China: Chinese Film Industry Forecast for 2018

Chinese Film Industry Forecast for 2018

The total box office reached $8.5 billion (55.9 billion yuan) in 2017, with Wolf Warriors 2 being the biggest contributor. The 2018 movie box office is projected to reach $9.2 billion (60 billion yuan), with top three films each bringing in $461 million (3 billion yuan). Online marketing and ticketing will play a more important role in 2018, and automated kiosks will be installed in certain cinemas. 2018 will see more older moviegoers in cinemas, and reviews and ratings are going to continue dictating what people watch. Read more on yulechanye

Major Platforms to Launch More Documentaries and Develop Original IPs

Planet Earth: Blue Planet II, a documentary co-produced by BBC and Tencent has garnered 200 million views in just six weeks, and scored a 9.9/10 on review site Douban. 78% of the viewers watching Planet Earth are millennials born in the 1990s, and the number of users subscribed to documentary channels has increased fourfold since 2016. The stats also show that younger viewers are most interested in nature, food, and history related documentaries. Based on that, Tencent has announced plans to create more documentaries catering to younger viewers, and develop China’s very own IP works. Read more on sohu

Influential Chinese Movies Directed by Women

The Chinese film industry has seen many important works directed by women in the past two years, and many of these talented women wear more than one hat. Xue Xiaolu’s Finding Mr. Right earned 120 million at the box office, while actress, writer, singer, and director Sylvia Chang touched millions of hearts with Love Education. Many of the movies have been recognized by multiple awards, including Vivian Qu’s Angels Wear White, Wang Yichun’s What’s In The Darkness, and Ann Hui’s Our Time Will ComeRead more on Mtime

Youth from Small-town China the Biggest Moviegoers

Domestic movie box office achieved an all-time high at $158.7 during the 2018 New Year’s weekend, with The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes and Youth leading the box office. 2017 saw more domestic films in cinemas and higher ticket sales coming from third- and fourth-tier cities, among which an increasing number of young audiences 18 and under. Read more on entgroup.cn