Headlines From China: China’s ‘996’ Backlash Continues with ‘Worker Lives Matter’ Campaign

China’s ‘996’ Backlash Continues with ‘Worker Lives Matter’ Campaign

The “996” conversation is back on the table as a group of post-95 Chinese office workers launch a new attack on China’s grueling work culture. Called the “Worker Lives Matter” campaign, organizers are asking employees across various industries to share information on their base salary, position, and work schedule on an open access spreadsheet. As of October 15, the document has over 6,000 entries and the related hashtag, #1300CompaniesWorkSchedule, has garnered 30 million views on Weibo. Read more Jing Daily

China Box Office: ‘Battle at Lake Changjin’ Crosses $750M, Becomes Second-Biggest Film of 2021

“The Battle of Lake Changjin” rages on. The Chinese war epic earned $73 million over the weekend, taking its China box-office total to $768.8 million — a phenomenal sum unmatched by any Hollywood film released since the start of the pandemic. The film is co-directed by A-list Chinese filmmakers Chen Kaige, Hark Tsui and Dante Lam, and it’s believed to be China’s most expensive film ever made, with a production budget of over $200 million. Read more The Hollywood Reporter