Headlines from China: Alibaba to Become the Controlling Shareholder of AcFun

Alibaba to Become the Controlling Shareholder of Video-sharing Site AcFun

According to Chinese business magazine Caijing, Alibaba has been in talks with Chinese video-sharing site AcFun (Anime, Comics, and Fun) regarding investment deals between the two companies. After a new round of financing and assets reorganization, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma‘s YF Capital will own over 20 percent of AcFun’s stock share. YF Capital together with Alibaba’s Youku Tudou will own over 50 percent of AcFun, making Alibaba the controlling shareholder of the video site. Read more on yuledujiaoshou

Tencent Video App Now Allows Users to Watch Movies with Dolby Vision

On December 19, Tencent Video announced that the company had collaborated with Dolby Laboratories to release films and videos in Dolby Vision on its mobile app. Users of iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus are able to upgrade their Tencent Video app and enjoy improved viewing experience with Dolby Vision on their phone. According to a tech executive from Tencent, the company will gradually allow users to enjoy videos in Dolby Vision on all types of smartphones. Read more on Entertainment Capital

Three TV Content Trends for 2018

What types of TV drama series will be released in China in 2018? This article points out three TV content trends for 2018 based on information released by major Chinese TV stations and content providers regarding their 2018 programming. TV drama series that center around a female character’s life stories will continue to be a prominent genre. Highly anticipated series include ‘Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace’ (Lead actress: Zhou Xun), ‘The Legend of Ba Qing’ (Lead actress: Fan Bingbing) and ‘Empress of the Ming’ (Lead actress: Tang Wei). In addition, “Little Fresh Meat” actors will play lead characters in several major TV productions. However, instead of playing ancient princes, these young handsome actors will play modern roles in these upcoming shows. Last, 2018 will see another wave of TV shows with nationalistic and patriotic themes. Read more on Ent Group

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‘Youth’ Rakes in $76 Million in Six Days

Six days after its release, the highly anticipated film “Youth” has already grossed over $76 million, which came as a surprise to director Feng Xiaogang who did not aim for box office success when making the coming-of-age film. That said, this is definitely a win-win situation for Feng since he is obligated to fulfill revenue target as part his agreement with Huayi Brothers when the latter acquired his production company at a premium in 2015. Read more on Sina