Headlines from China: Why 70% of Chinese Films and TV Shows Are Shot in Hengdian

Official still of Zhang Yimou’s ‘Hero.’ Shot in Hengdian World Studios.

Why 70% of Chinese Films and TV Shows Are Shot in Hengdian 

Located in a remote town in China’s Zhejian province, Hengdian World Studios has become the largest film studio in the world. While an increasing number of Chinese real estate developers, including Wanda Group, Evergrande Group, and Sunac China, start building film studios over the past a few years, Hengdian is able to maintain its dominant position in the industry, attracting seventy percent of Chinese film and TV crews to shoot there every year. Sang Xiaoqing, President of Hengdian World Studios, says in a recent interview that compared to those real estate developers, people at Hengdian truly understand how a film is made and what filmmakers need and care. In stead of merely building fancy hotels and facilities, Hengdian World Studios provide multi-level facilities and services with variable pricing. In addition, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in various areas including recruiting extras, providing cost effective props, and developing cultural tourism, etc. Read more on Sina

IMAX China Grosses Record-High Box Office Revenue in September 

On September 29, IMAX China announced that the company had grossed 145 million yuan in September, reaching a record-high monthly box office. This new record is created largely due to the box office success of three imported Hollywood movies, including ‘Dunkirk,’ ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ and ‘War for the Planet of the Apes.’ What’s worth mentioning is that, among all the movie theaters that play these three movies, IMAX theaters outperform regular 2D theaters at box office. When it comes to the upcoming National Day holiday, two highly anticipated films, ‘The Foreigner’ and ‘Never Say Die,’ have been scheduled to open in IMAX theaters. Read more on Mtime

Humans Are Facing New Evolutionary Threshold, But Are We Ready, Asks Johnnie To Through His First Sci-fi Short

Acclaimed Hong Kong action film director Johnnie To is invited by the Executive Committee of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival to make a festival trailer. Recently, the festival releases the trailer, which is, to many people’s surprise, a sci-fi short. This short film marks To’s sci-fi debut and his first collaboration with stage performers rather than screen actors. To says that the question he tries to ask through this sci-fi movie is: Human beings are facing new evolutionary threshold, but are we ready? Read more on Mtime

China Film Bureau Collaborates with Disney on Film Education Programs

Recently, a group of Chinese animation filmmakers arrived in Burbank California to participate in a series of courses and seminars. Co-organized by China’s Film Bureau and Disney, this year’s program is the third edition of its kind with a focus on storytelling in animated films. During the weeklong program, filmmakers from Disney will use Disney productions, including ‘Big Hero 6’ and ‘Moana’, as examples to introduce how a Disney animation is developed and produced. In addition, the Chinese delegates will have the chance to learn more about Disney Studios’ organizational design and work flow during their trip in Burbank. Read more on Xinhua News

Beijing Film & TV Copyrights Committee Starts Reviewing Cases

Six months ago, the Beijing Film & TV Copyrights Committee was launched at the spring edition of the semi-annual Beijing TV Program Market and Exhibition. The Committee was initiated by the Beijing municipal government, and consists of 14 legal experts and 12 film & TV industry professionals. Recently, Liu Heping, vice-chairman of the Committee, attended the fall edition of the Beijing TV Program Market and Exhibition, and talked about how the Committee would facilitate copyrights protection. According to Liu, experts from the committee will assist local courts and judges in reviewing and investigating copyrights related cases. Liu also mentioned that the committee had started reviewing cases. Read more on Ent Group