Forecast: How AI-Generated Content, Web3 And The Metaverse Will Shape The Future Of Real Estate

Jing Daily’s NEXTech Roundtable delved into the opportunities Web3 and metaverse technologies will bring to the real estate industry.

2022 saw ChatGPT’s explosive debut, igniting buzzy discussions across various industries. Innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the metaverse have started to shape “real” business, including commercial property developments.

To explore the extensive possibilities in real estate, Jing Daily collaborated with leading real estate company Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) and Web3/metaverse brand consultancy to launch the NEXTech Roundtable on April 27. The virtual discussion focused on the impact of Web3 and metaverse technologies on commercial real estate and the opportunities they will bring the industry.

The webinar featured a conversation between Vincent Wong, Director of Operations at, and three panelists: Lou Chen, Senior Director of Research at JLL China; Simon Chen, Founder and CEO of architectural design firm X_Lab and metaverse architectural firm Mortise_Labs; and Sandy Jin, Founder and CEO of metaverse platform Vland. They shared their insights and predictions on digital trends in the commercial property sector, with a focus on virtual building design and social interaction in the metaverse.

Here are Jing Daily’s top four takeaways from the roundtable.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and the metaverse are changing the landscape of commercial real estate

The rise of AI-generated content (AIGC) programs such as Midjourney and ChatGPT has stirred worries about whether AI will replace human labor. Nevertheless, concerning architectural design, Chen opined that AI currently functions more as a tool to assist designers. With the threshold of code writing, the architect profession will not disappear in the future, but will instead metamorphose into a role of AI code writing. Continue to read the full article here