Florasis Premieres New Animation for Chinese Valentine’s Day

Florasis, a leading C-beauty company, created an ancient China inspired animation entitled, “Zhang Chang Touches up Eyebrows (《张敞画眉》),” which was adapted from the historical Book of Han.

By using a couple to retell the historical allusion of this classic work, the brand hopes to convey a portrait of Eastern romance. The animation premiered on August 12 in celebration of Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival). Meanwhile, the brand also launched a social campaign, inviting consumers to share pictures or videos of their beloved one touching up their eyebrows using Florasis products on any social platform.

Florasis’ social followers displayed high expectations regarding the animation and gave a thumbs up on the 15-second film trailer featuring Florasis’ signature ancient Chinese aesthetic. On Weibo, as well as other short video platforms, including Douyin and Kuaishou, users actively participated in the campaign hashtag #QixiHuaMei (七夕画眉), which garnered substantial traffic and drove the e-commerce sales of the brand’s eyebrow pencil product lineup.

This Qixi Festival, homegrown fashion and beauty brands have excelled at developing localized narratives wrapped around the traditional Valentine’s Day theme. In Florasis case, the nimble brand thumbed through ancient Chinese classics and drew inspiration from a romantic archetype dating back to the Han Dynasty, a theme which differs greatly from the typical Western Romeo and Juliet-type stories. This approach not only aligns with the brand’s image — rooted deeply in Chinese traditional culture — but also solidifies its bonds with today’s younger generations who show strong interest in anime content. Continue to read the full article here